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6.2.10 Search result.html

Name Size in bytes Default Value Comment
Protocol 1 0xE3  
Size 4 - The size of the message in bytes not including the header and size fields
Type 1 0x33 The value of the OP_SEARCHRESULT opcode
Result Count 4 NA The number of search results in this message
Result list Varies NA A list of search results
Search result list item format
The table below describes the format of a single search result list-item. Each search result
includes A hash that uniquely identifies the file along with details of another eMule client
holding the file. 
Name Size in bytes Default Value Comment
File Hash 16 NA A hash value, for unique identification of the file
Client ID 4 NA Client ID for an eMule peer holding the file
Client Port 2 NA The TCP port of the client holding the file
Tag Count 4 NA The number of descriptor tags following
Tag list Varies NA A list of descriptor tags results
There are also several tags describing the file attributes. The tag list is described below.
Note that most of the tags are optional and that their order is not guaranteed.
Name Tag name Tag Type Comment
File name Integer, 0x01 String  
File size Integer, 0x02 Integer  
File type Integer, 0x03 String  
File format Integer, 0x04 String  
Sources Integer, 0x15 Integer The number of available sources for this file
Artist String "Artist" String  
Album String "Album" String  
Title String "Title" String  
Length String "length" Integer  
Bitrate String "bitrate" Integer  
Codec String "codec" Integer  

Index :
6.2 Client Server TCP Messages
  6.2.1 Login.html
  6.2.2 Server message.html
  6.2.3 ID change.html
  6.2.4 Offer files.html
  6.2.5 Get list of servers.html
  6.2.6 Server status.html
  6.2.7 List of servers.html
  6.2.8 Server identification.html
  6.2.9 Search request.html
  6.2.10 Search result.html
  6.2.11 Get sources.html
  6.2.12 Found sources.html
  6.2.13 Callback request.html
  6.2.14 Callback requested.html
  6.2.15 Callback failed.html
  6.2.16 Message rejected.html
6.3 Client Server UDP Messages
  6.3.1 Get sources.html
  6.3.2 Found sources.html
  6.3.3 Status request.html
  6.3.4 Status response.html
  6.3.5 Search request.html
  6.3.6 Search response.html
  6.3.7 Server description request.html
  6.3.8 Server description response.html
6.4 Client to Client TCP Messages
  6.4.1 Hello.html
  6.4.2 Hello answer.html
  6.4.3 Sending file part.html
  6.4.4 Request file parts.html
  6.4.5 End of download.html
  6.4.6 Change client ID.html
  6.4.7 Chat message.html
  6.4.8 Part hashset request.html
  6.4.9 Part hashset reply.html
  6.4.10 Start upload request.html
  6.4.11 Accept upload request.html
  6.4.12 Cancel transfer.html
  6.4.13 Out of part requests.html
  6.4.14 File request.html
  6.4.15 File request answer.html
  6.4.16 File not found.html
  6.4.17 File Status request.html
  6.4.18 File Status Response.html
  6.4.19 Change slot.html
  6.4.20 Queue rank.html
  6.4.21 View shared files.html
  6.4.22 View shared files answer.html
  6.4.23 View shared folders.html
  6.4.24 View shared folders answer.html
  6.4.25 View content of a shared folder.html
  6.4.26 View shared folder content answer.html
  6.4.27 View shared folder or content denied.html
6.5 Client to Client TCP extended messages
  6.5.1 eMule info.html
  6.5.2 eMule info answer.html
  6.5.3 Sending compressed file part.html
  6.5.4 Queue ranking.html
  6.5.5 File info.html
  6.5.6 Sources request.html
  6.5.7 Sources answer.html
  6.5.8 Secure identification.html
  6.5.9 Public key.html
  6.5.10 Signature.html
  6.5.11 Preview request.html
  6.5.12 Preview answer.html
6.6 Client to Client UDP Messages
  6.6.1 Re-ask file.html
  6.6.2 Re-ask file ack.html
  6.6.3 Queue full.html

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