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Maintenance work

Monday, April 22 2013 16:32 GMT by binary
We are going to perform some maintenance work between April 22 - April 24. This time website and could not be accessible. Starting with April 24 all our services will run on a new infrastructure.

Kad activity for February 2011

Saturday, March 12 2011 13:00 GMT by binary
The JKad bot activity result for February 2011 :
Full resolution map 5120x2560 (2.5 MB)
Kad bot activity result, detailed report(PDF)

Kad activity for January 2011

Friday, February 11 2011 20:32 GMT by binary
The JKad bot activity result for January 2011 :
Full resolution map 5120x2560 (2.5 MB)
Kad bot activity result, detailed report(PDF)

Kad activity for December 2010

Friday, December 31 2010 18:00 GMT by binary
The JKad bot activity result for December 2010 :
Full resolution map 5120x2560 (2.5 MB)
Kad bot activity result, detailed report(PDF)

Kad activity for September 2010

Saturday, October 23 2010 9:00 GMT by binary
The JKad bot activity result for September 2010 :
Full resolution map 5120x2560 (2.5 MB)
Kad bot activity result, detailed report(PDF)

Kad activity for August 2010

Sunday, September 05 2010 18:15 GMT by binary
The JKad bot activity result for August 2010 :
Full resolution map 5120x2560 (2.5 MB)
Kad bot activity result, detailed report(PDF)

Kad activity

Friday, August 06 2010 18:15 GMT by javajox
To increase the efficiency and stability of our JKad manager (the kad implementation used in JMule) we began to study very deep kad activity. The research forced us to build a crawl (aka JKad bot) capable to move through the kad dht space. It's a highly modified JKad manager capable to collect statistics about active kad nodes. The JKad bot traversed the dht space with a step of 118153599625325855369227294247141740 (yes it is a very BIG number), it took 7 days to traverse the all space. Below are some technical details:
Software components :
Highly modified JMule + JKad
PostgreSQL 8.4.4 ( to store statistical data )
Linux Debian 5.0

Hardware components :
Intel Atom 330 CPU, Asus AT3GC-I motherboard (very cheap and power efficient machine)
50Mbps fiber link internet connection
The JKad bot activity result (July 2010) :
Full resolution map 6144x3072 (2.5 MB)

JMule 0.5.8

Wednesday, January 13 2010 21:30 GMT by javajox
JMule 0.5.8 has been released, everyone is encouraged to upgrade to this version because it contains many serious bug fixes. Below is the full changelog :
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Fixed bugs in Kad publisher [binary256]
 FEATURE:  SWT UI   | Added a new column on Kad tasks table : Info about the current running task  [binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | Switched to AspectJ 1.6.8 [binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | IPFilter added [javajox]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Correct upload bytes count is shown for each uploaded file [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Fixed many bugs related to Kad manager [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | New management for upload client's queue added, now more peers concurrently can upload [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Internal port for peer management is used instead of external [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core&UI  | The stats for server count and peer count are shown on "Statistics tab" [binary256]
 FEATURE:  UI       | Many "micro" UI improvements [binary256, javajox]

JMule 0.5.6

Wednesday, January 06 2010 12:33 GMT by javajox
I'm glad to announce JMule 0.5.6 is available for download.
 FEATURE:  Core     | Added new tag architecture which supports more tag types [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Updated tag scanner with new tag types [binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | Status of downloads (started/stopped) are saved in part.met files [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Updated JKad routing table maintenance algorithm [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   SWT UI   | Fixed NULL pointer exception in "Both" search type when server is not connected [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   SWT UI   | Fixed displaying of all files in shared view [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Fixed Kad search stop notify for same IDs  [binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | Kad contacts IP verification [binary256]
 FEATURE:  SWT UI   | Switched to SWT 3.5 [binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | Switched to AspectJ 1.6.1 [binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | Fully redesigned network architecture [javajox, binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | Added platform manager architecture and basic implementation [javajox]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Search on Kad is not done when the "Both" option is used [binary256]
 FEATURE:  UI       | Switching from Preferences to Properties for UI settings (the BackingStoreException is solved) [javajox]
 FEATURE:  SWT UI   | New design for SWT config view (tree based) [binary256]
 FEATURE:  SWT UI   | The content rating is shown in the popup menu on shared view [binary256]
 FEATURE:  UI       | Other ui improvements [javajox,binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | The Kad and user id are stored in separate files [binary256]
 FEATURE:  Core     | If all the free space is gone on the partition then downloading process is stoped [javajox]
 FEATURE:  UI       | If all the free space is gone on the partition then an error message dialog is shown [javajox]

Good news

Tuesday, January 05 2010 15:10 GMT by javajox
A new nightly build -> jmule-0.5.0_B6.jar is available at nigtly builds page.
In the following days JMule 0.5.6 will be released. Have a good time.

JMule 0.5

Sunday, July 12 2009 18:32 GMT by javajox
 BUGFIX:   Swing UI | The system doesn't crash when the geoip.dat file is not found in settings directory [javajox] 
 FEATURE:  Core     | Removed apache file utils library, the core works with our own functions [javajox] 
 FEATURE:  Core     | Experimental Kad support added !!! [binary256] 
 FEATURE:  SWT UI   | Kad view [binary256] 
 FEATURE:  Core     | eDonkey search by criterias [binary256] 
 BUGFIX:   Core     | The file is moved from temp to incoming directory, when the download process is done, 
                    | in some rare cases downloaded file remains in temp directory [binary256] 
 FEATURE:  Core     | The core can process archived packets used by eMule [binary256]
 BUGFIX:   Core     | Changed the way how JMule constructs eDonkey packets, so JMule can upload files to eMule (for 0.49c) [binary256]  


Sunday, June 28 2009 17:56 GMT by javajox
In the last few months we've worked on Kad implementation for our JMule client. The JKad (kad written in Java) is fully compatible with that used in eMule. The system is unstable yet, however we are going to include it in the next jmule release. The JKad performs all of its main functions (search, source indexing, packet routing,...) what we didn't finished yet is kad encryption. The latest JKad can be found here, you'll find both source codes and binary files. Also you can discuss about jkad on our forum.

Moving toward Java 1.6

Monday, 22 December 2008 18:16:43 by javajox
We are moving toward Java 1.6 ! As Java platform evolves we see a lot of goodies provided by it, we are going to use these features to provide a more advanced and powerful p2p file sharing client. We decided to use the latest inovation from Java platform in our client. Be aware the next versions of JMule will be build on Java 1.6 and will not be back compatible to older versions. Don't forget to read the README file from the distribution directory.

JMule 0.4.1 released

Sunday, 19 October 2008 20:34 GMT by binary256
 BUGFIX:  Swing UI | The icon is not shown on a ToolTip if the system is packed into a .jar file [javajox]
 FEATURE: Swing UI | Tabs that aren't visible don't update their  UIes. The overall UI should work faster now [javajox]
 FEATURE: Swing UI | A more number of columns are sortable [javajox]
 CHANGE:  Swing UI | Other optimizations and improvements [javajox]
 BUGFIX:  Core	   | 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space' [binary256]

JMule 0.4 released

Thursday, 16 October 2008 20:30 GMT by javajox
I'm glad to announce release 0.4 of JMule is out ! Sorry for the delay(lack of time) : as previously announced the 0.4 release should been at the end of last summer. Attention ! This is highly experimental release ! Beta testers are welcome, don't forget to leave your feedback on our forum.

New changes

Saturday, August 02 2008 12:44 GMT by javajox
On 2008-07-31 the source code has been moved from closed development environment to open development environment and is available at :pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/jmule module name jmule2 More detailed info about our CVS is available here. Also we setup the jmule-new-releases mailing list : [email protected] you can subscribe here if you want to know about each new release of JMule.

Work in progress

Monday, July 28 2008 17:31 GMT by javajox
Now the work on JMule 0.4 is in progress. The engineers spent more than 9 hours per day to produce a high quality result. The release of JMule 0.4 is scheduled at the end of this summer. What is expected in the coming release ?
  • An unstable JMule core
  • A partial implementation of eDonkey2000 protocol (basic packets only)
  • File searches identified by keywords on the connected server
  • File downloads and uploads in the network
  • Integrity checks of files
  • At least one UI (Swing, SWT or command line)

Website improvements

Thursday, July 10 2008 15:26 GMT by javajox
   We have recently improved our website design, however we are not web designers, so any comments or/and suggestions are welcome. Drop an email to [email protected] to get in touch with us.